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Does Your Santa Monica Home Need a Mold Remediation Clearance Test?

Discussing the mold clearance test as the first step in a mold remediation project is essential. This conversation will ensure you can determine whether or not remediators finish the task correctly. Ideally, you should plan the clearance testing before the work begins. This agreement will ensure everyone is on the same page regarding clearance levels and what happens if the test fails. It will also help determine the party responsible for footing the bill for additional work.

By discussing this step in advance, you can avoid confusion and ensure your Santa Monica home’s mold remediation clearance test does what it should. After a contractor completes remediation, you will get the correct information and honest evaluations of the property from our third-party Endymion Environmental team to determine if additional removal steps are necessary to get to pre-mold conditions.

Some signs for post-remediation testing include:

  • Lingering odors
  • Moisture concerns
  • Visible spotting
  • Material degradation
  • Discoloration

What is Mold Clearance Testing?

Post-remediation verification is a safeguarding process designed to ensure you get the results you paid for from a professional remediation team. This fancy term is for a mold inspection to quantify the approximate number of residual mold spores after a mold cleanup project finishes but before the contractor entirely vacates the site. It is vital to ensure the mold problem is completely gone. During this inspection, one of our professionals will visually check the area, assess the moisture management strategy, sniff out any lingering odors, and redo the original mold tests. We compile our findings into a report for you to review.

Choosing Our Trusted Endymion Team

We’ve seen it all before – homeowners who try to cut corners by skipping the mold clearance test, only to realize later that they didn’t get the job done correctly. That’s why we always recommend using a third-party crew like us for your mold clearance needs. We have no bias towards any remediation teams in the area, so you can trust that we’ll give you an honest assessment of the situation. Sure, it might seem unnecessary on top of remediation costs, but in the long run, having peace of mind and a safe, mold-free home is worth it.

After mold removal and cleanup, a mold remediation clearance test for Santa Monica homes should always happen. Otherwise, you have no way of knowing if the remediation was successful. Let’s face it: We want to trust our contractors. But verifying what they tell you makes you an attentive and savvy homeowner. A quick call to Endymion Environmental will help you figure this out very quickly. We are ready to help when you need it at (310) 567-1160.