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Environmental Consultants Can Track IAQ Concerns in Los Angeles

It’s easy to overlook that we can access clean, safe air daily. Breathing is a natural and involuntary process that we usually pay little attention to. However, our air must be free from harmful contaminants that may cause poor indoor air quality (IAQ). This need is why it’s essential to prioritize the safety and purity of the air we breathe for our health, comfort, and well-being. Your health and comfort matter to us.

For certain situations, the expertise of an environmental consultant for Los Angeles properties or businesses can provide a sense of security, ensuring the right choices are made to protect a structure. It’s important to note that while we can detect some contaminants with our senses, such as a robust chemical odor or visible mold growth accompanied by physical symptoms, others may go unnoticed. This threat stresses the importance of regular testing and monitoring of indoor air quality, a service professionals can confidently provide.

Mold Sampling and Industrial Sampling Solutions

To accurately determine the level of air pollution you are being exposed to, it is imperative to conduct indoor air sampling through a reputable organization like Endymion Environmental. It is important to note that indoor air sampling is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Numerous contaminants can be present in the air, and different tests must be conducted to identify each. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the specific pollutants or chemicals present.

  • Air Sampling for Mold

We conduct mold testing to look for mold in residential and commercial buildings. Air testing is necessary following visible mold growth, physical symptoms, musty odor, or water leaks. The process uses a pump to draw air across the sample media for a set time to collect mold spores. The sample is then analyzed to identify mold types and spore concentrations. Indoor spore concentration should be similar to or less than that of outdoor samples. High indoor spore concentrations may indicate an indoor source of microbial growth.

  • Industrial Hygiene Sampling

Indoor air sampling in manufacturing or industrial facilities involves collecting air samples using a pump set to a specific flow rate. Personal and area samples are the two types of air samples collected. Determining what contaminants to sample for is an essential step in the process, and safety data sheets can help determine the specific chemical compounds in products used in the facility. Once the sampling is completed, we compare the results.

Because air contaminants are often invisible and can go undetected, it is necessary to conduct air testing with reputable and trusted environmental consultants like Endymion Environmental. Whether at our homes or places of work, indoor air sampling can be a powerful tool, reassuring us that the air we breathe is safe. Your safety is our priority. Give us a call now at (310) 567-1160.