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We are Endymion Environmental, and our experience is what makes us who we are.


My Story

My name is Jacqueline, and I had the opportunity to become a mold assessor and it  has been an unexpected gift to help others. I’m grateful for the education and resources I’ve received to help me learn to address my mold issue. My illness began in 2017 when I lived in an old house that had flooded three times in three years. Like many of my clients, I was just living life when mold spun it out of control. Initially, I didn’t realize mold was the cause of my various symptoms. We thought it had been properly remediated. We were sadly wrong.

Understanding Pain and Suffering

I understand the pain and frustration of having a mysterious illness. My symptoms included strange skin rashes, one food allergy after another, random nose bleeds, and problems with my ears and veins. It felt like my body was in a full-on breakdown. It was such a blessing that I was able to figure out what was wrong and find the right help.

Becoming A Mold Assessor

The main reason I chose to become a mold assessor was to keep anyone else from going through the frustrating situation I endured, which was completely preventable. Nothing is as satisfying as knowing that I am helping others. I am fortunate to know mold remediators and doctors locally and across the country who can help clients regain their health and life. Once I have completed a mold assessment, I will be happy to make introductions so you can move forward with enjoying your life.