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Reliable Mold Assessment for Santa Monica: Get the Answers You Need

The growth of mold in your home can be an alarming discovery, especially when you are not sure of the extent of the potential damage. A mold assessment can help! Often, homeowners and business management teams look to professional mold assessment companies like Endymion Environmental to evaluate and confirm the presence of mold if there is speculation. Our team has sophisticated equipment and years of industry knowledge to rapidly provide needed results to move remediation projects forward when necessary.

What is a Mold Assessment?

A mold assessment is a comprehensive inspection of your property to identify the presence of mold and its potential health risks. The assessment will typically include a visual inspection, surface sampling, and air sampling.

Why is a Mold Assessment Important?

There are a number of reasons why a mold assessment is important, including:

  • To confirm the presence of mold
  • To determine the extent of the mold growth
  • To identify the type of mold
  • To assess the health risks associated with the mold
  • To develop a remediation plan

How Does a Mold Assessment Work?

The first step in a mold assessment is a visual inspection of the property. The inspector will look for visible signs of mold growth, such as:

  • Moldy or discolored areas
  • Musty odors
  • Water stains
  • Rot

If visible mold growth is found, the inspector will take surface samples and air samples. Surface samples are taken by rubbing a swab or tape sample over the moldy area. Air samples are taken by placing a filter in the airstream.

The samples are then sent to a laboratory for analysis. The laboratory will identify the type of mold and its concentration. They will also assess the health risks associated with the mold.

What Happens After a Mold Assessment?

If mold is found during the assessment, the inspector will recommend a remediation plan. The remediation plan will outline the steps necessary to remove the mold and prevent it from growing back.

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